Application Information

Admission to the Madrasah is in the sole and absolute discretion of the Principal. The Principal and/or administration is not obliged to offer any reason for refusal of admission. Registration must be made by the legal parent/ guardian.

A learner who has left another Madrasah and seeks admission at Madrasah Tarteelul Quraan, will not be admitted without producing his latest progress report and character reference. He should also provide detailed reasons for leaving the previous Madrasah. Admissions are on a first come first served basis pending the outcome of the applicants entrance exams.

Pre-requisite for enrolment
1. Fluency in Quraan Recitation.
2. Must have a passion for Qiraah and Quraan.
3. A minimum age of 11 for Hifz.
4. A minimum age of 16 for Qiraah / Aalim.
5. Successful candidates, will be enrolled on a six months‟ probation period.

Documents required for Admission:
1. Certified copy of Un-Abridged Birth Certificate or I.D.
2. 2 x Colour I.D. photos.
3. A Transfer Letter (applicable to learners in the Qira‟at class).
4. The learner’s latest report.
5. A referral letter of learner’s behaviour, weaknesses and strengths.
6. Previous Madrasah Report Card.
7. Motivational Letter.
8. Letter from previous Madrasah or Resident Imam.

Additional Documents Required For Foreigners
1. Valid Passport.
2. Valid Study Permit (must apply for correct permit).
3. Medical Aid.

Note of Importance:
Return the original form with all the required documents to avoid disappointment. Every learner and his parent/guardian must sign the admission consenting to accept and adhere to all the rules of the Madrasah in order to gain admission.