Anagram - MTQ

T – Taqwa and Pleasing Allah is our motive.

A – Amal upon our Deen is our objective.

R – Reviving the Quraan in the form of recitation.

T – Tajweed is the key which requires dedication.

E – Enthusiastic and enlightening are those who learn.

E – Encouraging one another out of concern.

L – Loyalty to our Nabi (s.a.w.) is recommended.

U – Understanding that the Sunnah needs to be implemented.

L – Lessons of Qur’aan from Ulama we acquire.

Q – Qira’at and Quraan is what we desire.

U – Upbringing and unity should always be sought.

R – Respect and Adaab we are taught.

A – Acknowledgement of the service of Quraan and Ulama.

A – Achieving knowledge and becoming Talaba (learners).

N – Nearness to Allah with the Tarteel anagram could definitely be achieved by every man